Have you been to this meeting?

image of an ugly meeting

Positive and Productive Meetings can help.

Positive and Productive Meetings is a simple and powerful process that any team can use to reclaim their meetings. Positive and Productive Meetings foster collaboration, promote creativity and make meetings feel better. Leave meetings invigorated and ready to make things happen.

We know it works because we use it. Created in the meeting-rich universe of the non-profit sector, Positive and Productive Meetings is versatile and highly customizable. Management and consultant teams, construction crews, church groups, governmental policy groups and many others have taken the principles and successfully applied them.

We offer training, consultation and facilitation services to help you and your team to reclaim your meetings.

How many times have you or your team-mates said this?

“Why are we here?”

Positive and Productive Meetings begin by defining your reason for meeting. You define your global purpose using Purpose Posters or Meeting Mission Statements. You define your specific purpose in thorough Agendas.

“I couldn’t get a word in.”

Rounds and Timed Talk are just a couple of strategies used in Positive and Productive Meetings to make sure everyone has the chance to contribute and be heard.

“We’ll never get through the agenda.”

“What agenda?”

Agendas are crucial to Positive and Productive Meetings. Simple agenda templates help you organize and prioritize your work.

“I just checked out.”

In Positive and Productive Meetings there are several Roles that people can fill. By working towards people’s strengths, everyone is engaged in the process and meetings go more smoothly.

“What am I supposed to do for next time?”

Positive and Productive Meetings provides several strategies for capturing your conversations and for establishing and tracking accountability. Reviewing sharing your minutes or graphic notes immediately after the meeting, you build momentum for your work. By establishing systems for tracking accountability and reviewing everyone’s task lists at the beginning of each meeting, you keep your momentum going.

“My butt fell asleep.”

People think, work and interact better when they are comfortable and relaxed. In Positive and Productive Meetings teams identify someone in a Hospitality Role who makes sure the meeting room is as comfortable as possible. Change the lighting, bring snacks and take frequent breaks; you’ll be surprised at how much better people feel at the end of the meeting.